Sneakball: A Fast-Paced Action Game about Stealing – for 4 Players on 2 Gamepads

Another month, another Berlin Mini Game Jam. I’ll post the result from the November one later, but for now – here’s the game for the December edition for the theme “stealing things”:


Pick up data packets. Protect them from your enemies.
Route them to your base. Steal the ones the enemies have.
Sabotage their routing paths. And most of all: Be swift.

Sneakball Tutorial

Sneakball is played in 2 teams of 2 players each – and each team only has one gamepad, with one stick for each character. Coordination is key, and the game is more strategic than it looks like at first glance. You can pick up the white data packets by colliding with them. If you pick one up, it’ll have your color for a second and is immune from being stolen before it turns white again. Let the balls touch your satellites (the two things emerging from the base) to score.



3 thoughts on “Sneakball: A Fast-Paced Action Game about Stealing – for 4 Players on 2 Gamepads”

    1. It really served me well! The stack is briefly mentioned in the “Downloads” section – the “Look, my first Python/PyGame/PyBox2D game!” post has to wait until I release Hammertennis.

      The one deserving honorable mention even more are you though! Thanks for introducing me to this lovely stack. :)

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