100 things – finally finished: Juggler’s Duel


This month I was working on my first contest entry ever – and finally I am done! It is an entry for the Experimental Gameplay Project during this month (the theme is: “100 Things“).

My game is about a juggler who runs against his arch-enemy, the evil clown, in a juggling duel to… well, till one has 100 balls. The development took 65 hours including some part of the game design process, learning SDL.NET and the graphic creation. The music is by Deniz Akbulut.

The game written in C#, I will post a link to the source code here later on.

While I am not content with everything (the development streched over 14 days, not 7, the music is not by me, I kind of took the easy route route with the theme, just using the “100” as an arbitrary number, and as Matthew Elvey Price says in the comments, it’s rather DDR-like), overall I am actually quite happy with the outcome. This is my first project with SDL.NET, my first project with my own graphics and my second complete (mini) game in total – and considering this, it turned out quite well! I would even go as far as say that it might actually be fun to play! :-D (Go, try it!)

Screenshots – well, okay, just one:
Juggler-Screenshot (Thumbnail)

Download: Juggler v1.0 (Windows)
You might need the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

I would love to read a comment about how you liked (or didn’t like) the game! The Comment Section is just below.

…and for the next Experimental Gameplay Project I will be faster and the game will be more inventive. Promise!

5 thoughts on “100 things – finally finished: Juggler’s Duel”

  1. Nice game, although I admit it is rather like say, DDR :eek:

    I think it may be a bit harder than you think, though. I don’t play stepmania and such very often, but it gets quite difficult when it starts speeding up even on easy/medium.

    Admittedly my game is incredibly harsh, I messed it up :P I’m just mentioning because devs tend to lose site of just how hard games are and I suspect making a game like this means you’ve played games like it a fair bit.

    It also seems like the AI doesn’t really get worse as it speeds up, which would be a little unfair. Looking forward to seeing what you bring next time.

    1. Ah, yes, now that you mention it, it rather turned out to be more-or-less like DDR minus music. My original intention was that you can make meaningful choices (read: “do this or do that”) by choosing one of the blue arrows in the middle of it, but that quickly got sorted out due to time (and concept) issues.

      And here I feared it might be too easy. Actually, I am not playing DDR and Stepmania myself, I think I just played the game a little too often in the two weeks itself :D

      The AI was kinda difficult to make, because when it fails at a higher rate when it speeds up, these two factors kinda multiply and it never finishes at all…

      Anyway, the most imporant thing last: Thank you for your comment! Especially since it is the first one I on this blog!

  2. This is a pretty good submission. You did get it to the point where it is fun, so congratulations. :) It has nice polish and good gameplay and is still unique enough to stand on its own.

    1. Wow, I didn’t hope to actually receive anymore comments so long after january. Thanks for your praise!

      I hope it won’t take me too long to find the time to work at an EGP game again :)

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