Generative Art – Sketches #029 to #035

It’s been over a year since I last posted a collection of small generative art sketches – but that’s not because I stopped making them, I just got a bit lazy with posting. There’s quite a lot queued up now! And without any further ado, here are candidates #29 to #35.

#029: Plasma Blob

This one isn’t terribly impressive, but it was made in a few minutes to demonstrate Processing to a colleague and is reasonably nice to look at.

s029_plasma_blob_03      s029_plasma_blob_02      s029_plasma_blob_01

#030: Mara’s Ocean

A typographic variation of #028: Isles using the Mara’s Eye font.

s030_maras_ocean_01      s030_maras_ocean_02      s030_maras_ocean_03

s030_maras_ocean_04      s030_maras_ocean_05      s030_maras_ocean_06

#031: Chimera Maker: What Has Science Done?!

The sillyness levels go through the roof with this one. For executables for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and for more pictures, check out it’s own blog post!

031_chimera_maker_01     031_chimera_maker_02     031_chimera_maker_03

031_chimera_maker_04     031_chimera_maker_05     031_chimera_maker_06

031_chimera_maker_07     031_chimera_maker_08     031_chimera_maker_09

031_chimera_maker_10     031_chimera_maker_11     031_chimera_maker_12

#032: Grass Tree

Another ad-hoc Processing tutorial I gave for a ground of friends. This one was a bit more involved than #029: Plasma Blob and looks pretty nice!

s032_grass_tree_02      s032_grass_tree_01

#033: Dance of the Fireflies

An experiment with boids/flocking. Unfortunately a little dark-ish, so it’s best observed at night – just like real fireflies!

s033_dance_of_the_fireflies_01     s033_dance_of_the_fireflies_02      s033_dance_of_the_fireflies_03

#034: Living Constellations

Stars float around and form constellations with nearby other stars.

s034_living_constellations_01     s034_living_constellations_02     s034_living_constellations_03

#035: Smoky Silk

Yet another silk variation.

s035_smoky_silk_01     s035_smoky_silk_02     s035_smoky_silk_03


Windows (32 bit)

Windows (64 bit)

Source Code (GitHub, MIT license)


  • Plasma Blob: Left-click to refresh.
  • Maras Ocean:
    • Left-click or X to refresh.
    • Right-click or C to refresh, but keep color palette.
    • Middle-click or V to refresh, but switch colors.
  • Grass Trees:
    • Left-click to refresh.
    • Right-click to instantly finish growing.
  • Dance of the Fireflies
    • Left-click to refresh.
    • Middle-click to take 1000 steps and pause.
    • Right-click to pause/unpause.
    • A to refresh and finish 1000 steps with same color.
    • S to refresh and finish 1000 steps with changed color.
  • Living Constellations
    • Left-click to refresh.
    • Right-click to pause/unpause.
  • Smoky Silk
    • Left-click to refresh.
    • Middle-click to take 1000 steps and pause.
    • Right-click to pause/unpause.

If you’re not on Windows, fret not; for some reason I can’t compile for Mac and Linux, but you can just download Processing and open the sketch files. Sometimes you need to add a library, but mostly it’s really straightforward. If you need any help doing that, just send me a mail or comment here.

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