Super Sandwich Simulator 2013

We’ve been to the Codemotion Festival Berlin and made a game jam there! Two of the three themes were “Bouncing” and “How to make a sandwich”, so it was pretty obvious what had to be done:

You are two pretty incompetent chefs,
competing to complete the correct sandwich first.

The customer has ordered!
(Poor fool.)

Prepare delicious sandwiches in this frantic game
for two players with Xbox360 gamepads.

Play it in the web player!

Download it for Windows/Mac/Linux!

Super Sandwich Simulator 2013


2 thoughts on “Super Sandwich Simulator 2013”

  1. Oh noez, the game doesn’t fit in my browser. Maybe it’s too great? (Or my resolution too small – but I can’t make it bigger..) :( Seems like a fun game.

    1. You could download the game and choose any resolution you want there :)
      You’ll need a friend with you and two Xbox360 gamepads to play it though!

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