BIGJam 3 hour jam: One Fish, Two Fish

So, here is my first BIGJam 3 hour jam game/prototype/something: One Fish, Two Fish! The theme was “fish” and “attraction”.

Click the image or here to start it.

The fishies follow the cursor when they are very young (and/)or want to make a baby. If they just made one, they will evade the cursor.

It’s more a failure than a prototype (much less a game), but it was worth a try :)

Somehow it also qualifies for the current EGP (“Zero Buttons”), but since it isn’t any good I won’t sent it in.

Trivia: The fishies like to stick together and make babies, it seems. Click here for an image of some fishcest

4 thoughts on “BIGJam 3 hour jam: One Fish, Two Fish”

  1. Yeah, Fishies!
    Well, for a three-hour dev-time it doesn’t suck that much. I enjoyed it for at least some seconds ;-)

    And i’m quite curious about our next game…

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