Hope this doesn’t get rejected (yet another EGP prototype): “The Job”

And here we go for another (last minute) entry for the Experimental Gameplay Project! This month: Rejection.

Well, it is more a prototype than a game, but I will call it “game” anyway, simply because it sounds better this way. :)

Anyway, in the game you will be tested if you are good enough for The Job. It is sort of an art game, and it isn’t really good. To say anything more would be a spoiler, only so much: Yes, this game has an end.

Fun facts about the game:

  • Due to time constraints, I changed the concept at least 3 times. (Which might be the reason why it’s hard to solve. Or why it isn’t any fun. Like, at all.)
  • Since this is my first plattformer, I learnt much stuff about how they are developed. Or rather, how they aren’t. And when I think about it, it doesn’t really have any platforms, although the engine would allow it. Hu.
  • None of my recruted-in-a-hurry beta testers could beat the game without help.
  • Don’t try to insert artsy messages at last minute. It simply doesn’t work.

Oh, and some useful facts:

Here’s a screenshot:

Edit: Since this prototype wasn’t any fun at all, I decided to stop wasting everyones time and took the download down. I suggest you head over to the fine other games I have here at the blog!

4 thoughts on “Hope this doesn’t get rejected (yet another EGP prototype): “The Job””

  1. Well, I could tell you in person cause you are sitting right next to me, but as you like to have comments: I have beaten the Game and got rejected at the job interview (but i won’t tell how)!
    Does this tell something about my work-ethics?
    To the game mechanics itself: yeah, it’s only a prototype so I won’t be to harsh in my judgement… it’s quite okay for that, but I’m still not sure if it’s a concept that could lead to a good game with further development. I still wonder what the fun things would be you would do in a game when rejecting the “game mechanics” and do your “own stuff” (as we discussed during development – to elucidate – your idea was that you do something else, something more funny if you are bored of what “the game” tells you to do…). Or better to say: i wonder if they would be truly funny. But I’m still open for surprises…

    1. Heh, yes, and since I know you “solved” it very fast, that’s one hell of a message about your work ethics :P

      And yes, I’m also not convinced that the current concept could make a fun game. It is more about the message (which sadly isn’t very strong due to already mentioned time constraints) and the theme, so I guess that makes it into another didn’t-turn-out-too-well-art-game.

      I actually quite like your concept regarding rebelling against the game and turning on and off game mechanics – but not for this contest, not enough time. Maybe another time! :D

      But anyway, I learnt a new library (SFML) and collected a bit of experience with plattformer development, so it was worth my time.

  2. Yarr, don’t try to make me do your job while faking judging me for the real job! :) Nice engaging game and congrats on getting a new library under your belt.

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting on the poor cousin amongst my games!

      Yeah, SFML is pretty rad. I still use it and I really look forward to the next big revision.

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